Why take a Brewery Visit?

You will learn how breweries work and how real ale is made, how the malt is produced and have a chance to talk with brewery workers. You will, in most cases, be allowed to try some of the ale produced and visit places like the "mash floor" and the "malt store".

Where can I visit?

Most of the breweries in the Cask Marque scheme offer a tour of their facilities, just go to the Breweries page or click on the map.

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How do I book?

After finding a brewery you would like to visit, just telephone, email or fax them to arrange a tour. Some breweries have the ability to book on their websites so it can not be simpler.

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What is Cask Marque?

It is an independant accreditation scheme to recognise excellence in the service of cask ale. It is awarded to the licensee rather than to the pub, so you know they take pride in the service of cask ale.

If you wish to know more about the Cask Marque scheme or to find the best ale in your area just visit their website:

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