Belhaven Brewery, Dunbar

If you would you like to learn more about Scotland's Oldest Working Brewery and taste Scotland's favourite ales & stouts, book your brewery tour now!

Throughout your visit, you'll discover the history of Scotland's oldest working brewery dating back to 1719, learn the brewing process and taste our award-winning Belhaven Beers.

Your tasting will draw to a close with a personalised pint. Yes, you read that correctly... a personalised pint! With our brand new machine, you'll be able to print your selfie... or maybe even a proposal on the head of your pint!

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Established in 1719, Belhaven Brewery is the oldest working brewery in Scotland. Situated in Dunbar, the brewery nestles amongst the rolling barley fields of East Lothian, just 20 miles from Edinburgh.

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Belhaven Brewery, Brewery Ln, Dunbar EH42 1PE

Tel: 0845 607 5325

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